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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It was inevitable. The longer we are up here, the more that needs to get done, the greater the need for more equipment to make the task easier, faster and safer.

I liked Yvan's log-splitter when he was here working and so started to keep an eye on Kijiji and the sales flyers. I didn't expect to see the exact model I wanted on sale the next week at $400.00 off; so I called Sean to see if he could hold one in my name. By the time he got to the store they were sold out. Since we weren't in a rush, we got a "rain cheque" and we're told to expect one in a week on two. Last week they called and yesterday I started putting it together.

It came in a crate, in parts and I needed to remove it, follow the instructions and attach the pieces as instructed.

Making progress; I've attached the wheels, the tow bar, next is the splitting bed.

The splitting bed is still in the trailer. It weighs over 300 pounds and I need some help lifting it into position. Hopefully the next visitor will be able to help; another pair of hands makes the job so much easier.
So, if you are coming up this weekend, bring your work gloves, there's lots to do.

Have a great day and remember your sun screen.

Up-Date 2:30 pm Wednesday June 1st

Just finished stacking all our cut firewood. Not quite a full circle, but close.


  1. What is the difference between houseless and homeless?
    log splitter

  2. House less means we have sold our home and do not have a home to live in at this moment.

    Not homeless means although we don't have a house our trailer is now our home and we are happy to travel and see this beautiful country we live in.